Emsisoft Internet Security Pack winning COMSS.TV Antivirus Test once again

Emsisoft succeeded once again! COMSS.TV recently released their Antivirus Tests May-August 2013 results, where Emsisoft Internet Security Pack took the lead with 186 points (average: 111 points). Out of over 50 participating products only 4 scored 170 points or higher.


The Top 3 scores:

1. Emsisoft Internet Security Pack 8.0: 186 points

anti-virus protection 93/104
synthetic benchmarks 51/58
running malware 40/40
phishing 2/7

2. TrustPort Internet Security 2013: 180 points

3. Comodo Internet Security 2013: 172 points

For its outstanding performance, Emsisoft Internet Security Pack was awarded “the best antivirus August 2013“.

The ranking for level of detection, proactive protection (malware and phishing) as well as speed in the defense was categorized into “free anti-virus software”, “comprehensive antivirus” ,” anti-virus software” and “enterprise products”.

The official test results (Russian) are available at the COMSS.TV Antivirus Test August 2013 report, the English version is available via Google Translate.